Friday, March 16, 2012

The day is here.  I got a little over 2 hours of sleep last night.  I woke up energized, excited, and blown away at what God is doing in my life.  After years of dreaming, wishing, and longing to go to Alaska, I have finally made it to the day.  I sit here in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport typing up a blog, uploading silly videos still in awe of the reality that in just a few hours, I - Anna R. Morrison, will be walking the grounds of a state that I have only dreamed of.  I am excited to share with all of you all the things that are going on and hope you enjoy this journey with me.  It is not possible without the Lord and every step, every action, every breathe, every word, everything that makes this trip is to Glorify the one true King - Jesus Christ.
To God be the Glory forever and ever, amen.

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