Monday, March 28, 2011


Friends and family -
Mission work, as a Christian, is what we have all been called to do in some capacity.  Some are called to other nations while the rest are called to do it right here in our backyards.  I feel that God is calling me to the mission field abroad.  My heart breaks for the lost and especially the ones who have no access to the word.  It is hard to think that people all across this great big world of ours can be born, live their lives and then die (stats from Dr. David Platt) without ever knowing about Jesus Christ.  Living in the west - we have the opportunity to pray and worship as we please.  We are not bogged down with laws that keep us from choosing a Church to attend and we are not kept from choosing which religion we want to practice.  I hope that you all are Christians and faithful believers that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  That Jesus lived and died for you and for me.  He was persecuted for us.  Isaiah 53:5 - "But he was pierced for our transgressions," he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. 
Through the sufferings of Christ, we have the ability to live eternally, to live side by side with Jesus in Heaven.  He took our sins upon himself and nailed them to the cross.  He graciously died for each one of us so that we could live eternally with him.
I am blessed, I had the opportunity to be raised in a Christian home.  My parents taught me about Christ and I accepted Jesus into my heart at a young age.  As I grew up, I began to rebel and I turned from God.  For about 14 or so years I lived a life of material and worldly things that kept me from knowing and walking with Christ the way I should.  I was brought to my knees about 2 years ago after a time where I was truly digging a grave for myself.  I knew there was no other way but with Him.  I am thankful and grateful and try to live my life according to God's will daily.   
In saying this, at the young age of 12, I felt that God was calling me to missions.  I abandoned that to live a more secular life.  I do not regret my past, though wish I had made the change long ago to follow Christ in a more passionate way.  The past has molded me and it has helped me because in my past my heart broke in ways that I think I would never have known if I had not walked the path I took. 
The great thing about Christ is that you can ask for forgiveness with a gracious and remorseful heart and he will wipe them clean.  You will be forgiven. 
I want nothing more than to help others to know more about Christ.  To turn from sin and to live a life that is Godly and a life that this world will never be able to match.  There is nothing that this world can give you, God provides all.  He is our supplier. 

My time is coming soon to go out and help in spreading the word to all nations.  I don't know if I will start in one place and end up in another.  I ask that you, my brothers and sisters, will pray that I will be able to discern which direction to go.  My heart is heavy for several places right now.  I know that God is in this and the right place will be given. 
I love you and I am praying for you who is reading this.  If you need anything, want to discuss how God can help you, please feel free to ask.  I am here.
May you find strength in God's love and mercy.
Many blessings -

Saturday, March 26, 2011


12:37 am
It has been a good day today.  I didn't get much sleep last night for several reasons.  1 - I was up a bit too late responding to a reflection question for my Theology class on what the cross means.  2 - I think I was too worried about getting up late and missing class.
I did get up on time but ended up with only a few hours of sleep.
Today has been good, as I mentioned before.  In my quiet time with God, it is becoming more and more apparent that what I need to do is get rid of my TV's.  I think for several reasons I am being drawn to remove them from my home, but one is that it is a major distraction from my studies and more importantly with no tv, it will give me more time to focus on God and be in his word.  Another reason I feel that I am to get rid of my tv's is that since I feel called to the mission field, I think that in this time, I will be preparing myself to be without the things that I am so accustom too.  I know that many people may think I am just down right crazy, but you know, I would rather spend all my time on what God has for me than what this world would rather use to bring me down and pull me from Him.

I want so badly for others to experience God the way I do.  I am so in love!  I hunger for Him, I thirst for Him in such a way that I don't want any distractions to keep me from being so in love.  I don't ever want to lose it.  My sister said that she at one time in her life had a very intimate relationship with Him and that when it was gone, it was gone.  I don't want that.  I yearn for Jesus.  I can close my eyes and see myself wrapped up in his arms.  It is so beautiful.  He has provided me with everything i need and then some.
Isaiah 12:2 - Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid.  The Lord, the Lord, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.
I pray that for whomever is reading this will find strength in God.  There is no greater joy than living a life for him.  The reward is so much greater than anything you can imagine.
Stay strong in the footholds of God's truth.
Read your bible and pray.
God Bless my brothers and sisters.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prayers for the Aldape family

Today I went to the weekly GCF meeting at school and a young lady was there who has spent many years in India with her parents who are missionaries.

I ask all that are reading to keep the Aldape family in your prayers as they continue to reach the Banjara people group in India.  They are being sponsored by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and are in need of funding for their Boys home - there are about 20-30 boys in the home and their recent funding has fallen through and in order to keep these boys in school, where they otherwise would have no education, they need funding.  Please go to and look into helping fund the boys home and soon to be girls home.  The link will also explain who they are and what they do.

God Bless -

Keep On Keeping On

It is kind of hard to trace your steps when it covers 5 or so months, but I will do my best to recall. 

I knew that Samford was definitely where I was to go and began making strides to make my way out there, looking for an apartment and in which areas I wanted to live in.  It seemed like I looked endlessly on the internet for a place and found many that I liked.  Then, one day, I wrote down about 20 or so numbers to call on and knock out the ones that wouldn't accept my dog - Kody - he is a german shepherd.  The very first # I called, and it was on the 2nd page, don't ask why I chose to call that one first, but I called it and to my surprise it was an apartment locator.  I spoke to the nice lady and set up an appointment for me to drive out to B'ham and find me a place.  I think I got there around 11 CST and we talked about this and that and then we headed out.  The first place was nice, small but nice and there was a trail that led right up to the Vulcan which was cool.  I just didn't feel it was right.  We drove over to the 2nd property and I had an overwhelming sensation take over me when we drove up.  I knew this place was it.  We got up to the door but she didn't have the key.  LOL.  We headed out - back to her office and picked up the key and on our way out she took me to another place.  I honestly can't remember what that place looked like.  We came back to the 2nd place, and as soon as she opened the door, tears streamed down my face.  I knew this was it.  I didn't even have to go through the entire place, I just knew this was where God was placing me.  I called my dad, told him and we went back to her place and I filled out the application. 
I of course got the apartment and on Jan. 15, I packed up all my belongings and had my sister, bro-in-law, mom, niece and nephew head out this way with me to unload.  I went back home to Ga. and moved in officially on the 17th. 
I was here a week before I started school.  My dad came to visit and we had a great time.  In that first week, I was blessed with the opportunity to witness to the cable guy.  That was awesome.  Oh and I even witnessed to some folks up at Applebee's too. 
I started school and though I knew no one, I loved where I was.  2 months later, I am still loving my apartment. 
Not only am I loving my place, God has placed me in an amazing Church - The Church at Brook Hills.  I didn't even know it but God placed that church before me about 4 times before I went there and I didn't even realize it.  This upcoming Sunday will be my first new members class I will be attending and I am so excited about that.  The first Baptist Church I will be a member at in about 17 years. 
I reconnected with a dear dear friend of mine, Kelly, who lives about 20 minutes away and have been able to meet her entire family.  She probably doesn't realize it, but she has been a rock to me since I moved out here.  I tell you, you truly know a best friend when you can be separated for 15+ years and still pick up where you left off. 
God has opened so many doors for me here and I am so thankful.  Even if people thought I was crazy for coming here or thinking I didn't belong, I knew what God was telling me and I followed His lead.  That is what it is all about.  Doing what He wants for your life and not what others want for your life.  I think we get so caught up in what others want and dictate for us that we close ourselves off to God and what He is trying to tell us. 
I pray for you who read this that God will work in your lives the way He is working in mine.  That you seek Him - hunger for Him - thirst for Him daily.  Pray and read His Word.  He is alive.  His return is soon.  Prepare yourselves now.  If you don't know Him, ask Him into your heart.  All he wants is for you to follow him - he will do the rest.
God Bless you my friends - I love you!

Trying Something New

Ok, so this is my first time ever blogging.  The whole point of blogging is to begin capturing the things that are happening to me on regular basis with what God is doing in my life.  I am going to begin with my first trip I made to Samford University back in October 2010 and then start a new blog following it, that way I can somewhat keep order of what has happened to me.  I wrote this as a note in facebook and essentially just carrying it over into this blog.  I hope you enjoy...
October 16, 2010

So, today was the day.  I felt a few weeks ago that I needed to transfer schools from Georgia Perimeter College to Samford University.  It came like a fire and there was no mistaking that it was all God.  Prior to me making arrangements to go and visit the school, I had been feeling a stir in my spirit for outreach.  A few weeks ago, there was no mistaking that God’s calling He called on my life when I was 11/12, was back and it was back with a fire that was undeniable and I was to go out and do mission work – medical missions.
Now, my father, grandfather and grandmother all attended Samford University and when I was younger, my father even took me to the University b/c he so badly wanted one of his kids to attend.  I laughed!!!  I said I would NEVER attend this university let alone live in Alabama.  Boy, am I ever eating my words.
I called the school and signed up for the Preview Day to attend today.  Now, my mom was to go with me but at the last minute she was unable to go.  It was meant to be.  I got in the car this morning and headed out at 5:09am.  As I drove west on I-20, I had a lot of time to spend with God.  I asked that I be doing His will on my life.  If this was not Him for Him to make it not possible for me to go.  So, as I drove, I listened to praise and worship music, listened to CD’s of Andy Stanley and spent intimate moments with God.  It was powerful.  He was in the car with me.  He never left my side.
As I crossed the Chatha River (sp), and entered into the Birmingham area, I was taken back and immediately felt at home.  I felt that this was where I was suppose to be.  It embraced me.
I got to the school and walked up to the building and it was so amazing to see the name of the building – Leslie Stephens Wright.  It put the biggest smile on my face.  It told me that my church family was with me.  It was awesome.  As I walked into this amazing auditorium, I sat in the middle section, empty row in the middle.  I sat there and noticed an amazing organ and the most amazing organ pipes I had ever seen.  All I could think about was hearing someone playing.  It was like the angels played music while I was there.
As I sat alone, the row I sat in began to fill in.  On my right, it filled up right up to the seat next to me, it was left empty.  On my left, it filled all the way up to me.  As I sat there, surrounded by 16, 17 and 18 year olds with their parents, I began to feel like I was no longer in the right place.   I was there alone – I was the only one there alone.  So I began to second guess myself, and as soon as I began to second guess myself, God spoke to me and said, “Do you remember the words spoken over you a few weeks ago?  That I was taking you out of your comfort zone, where you would feel alone, but I would be there with you?   Look to your right, that empty chair you see, I am sitting right beside you.  I am here with you, Anna. “  It took everything in me to not burst out into tears.  I immediately was restored and new that I truly was where He wanted me.
As the morning went on I decided to not attend the tour where the students went through the dorms.  I wanted to spend some time talking to students and asking questions about this and that.  After about 30 minutes or so, it was time for my group to go and learn more about Financial Aid.  They separated the students from their parents to go in different directions, and just as I was about to head out with the students, one of the young ladies at the school said to me that it might benefit me to go with the parents.  LOL.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Ahhh…. I of course headed out with the parents to learn more about the financial responsibilities I was about to take on.  Wow, the cost of this private school is outrageous, but I know that God has opened all the doors to bring me to this place.
Finally, the session was over and it was time to head over to the gym to gather information from the Nursing school and learn more about the School of Missions.  I learned so much and I am so excited about all the amazing opportunities that are offered to help me go where God is taking me.
Well, the preview day ended and I took a walk around the campus.  My father told me to make sure to head over to go see Mr. Beeson’s statue and get my picture taken.  As I headed out, I couldn’t help but be swept away with the endless visions of myself studying and walking and learning and just being apart of something bigger than myself.  As I walked through the yard, I saw the top of a chapel in the distance.  I walked through the yard and got to the clearing.  I saw the chapel in the distance, it was about 2 football fields away and it was an opening between the trees.  So beautiful.  As I stood there, I decided to take a picture.  I pulled my phone out of my pocket, steadied my hand and focused the camera.  I pressed the button and when the picture came up I was amazed at what came out.  It was a picture of the chapel but the chapel wasn’t there.  Instead, it was the image of God in a bright light.  Check out the pictures and you will see what I am talking about.  It was another moment  that God spoke to me telling me that I was where He has called me to be.  After I took that picture, I took another picture and you can see the chapel clearly.
I am asking that each of you who read this pray for me.  Pray that I will do His will.  I want more than anything to serve our Father in Heaven and to reach the lost.  I feel with all of my being that He has called me to Samford University to learn more so that I may be able to go out and tell people about Him and lead them to the Lord.  I ask that you pray for strength and wisdom so that I may hear Him clearly.  I am looking to begin in January 2011 so that means my time here in Atlanta is short.  I will be commuting on the weekends back to Atlanta because there are still things I need to do here.  I just ask for your prayers.  I love you all so much and you all mean so much to me.  I am grateful for each of you because you have helped me on my walk with Christ.  Thank you for your encouragement and prayers without even knowing.  Some of you have confirmed and spoken to me words that have been so timely and I thank you for being obedient.  May God bless each and everyone of you and I pray that He answer your prayers and give you the desires of your heart.  Seek Him earnestly, He is returning soon.  He is coming for His bride.  Are you ready?  Let us let go and Let GOD.