Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weeks 6-10, Palmer, Alaska

Hello my brothers and sisters.  I have added a vlog to cover the last 5 weeks of ministry here in Alaska with GraceWorks.  Please check out the video and then check out the pictures that highlight these weeks.  God has been so evident here.  Please continue to pray for the ministry ahead.  The harvest is plenty but the workers are few...

Week 6
Skit put on by kidsfor the kids

Lunch Program

Puppet ministry


Puppet ministry at Park Party

Puppet ministry for Park Party

Cardboard testimony for kids
Kentucky group

Week 7
Ministering to teenagers

2 crazies being crazy

Prayer walk - met a lady who we prayed with

Park ministry

4-square is always fun

My 2 newest friends - joining the church

Awesome kid - given the gift of a simple yo-yo

Service Project - cleaning up Palmer, AK

Awesome Group

Park ministry with teens - guitar and pizza

Sweet precious kid who has my heart

Sight see Day to Portage Glacier

Week 8

Clinic night - Science experiments

More science experiments

Car ride to the park

Cheating at arm wrestling - Teenage ministry

Teenage ministry

Fun times with fake moustaches

Crafts and Bible study

Park ministry with teens

Awesome girls - getting faces painted at Park Party

A time for music

Final Park party - all 3 groups

Week 9
Sharing the Gospel w teenagers

Relationship building

Relationship building

Love this kid

Kid who has stolen my heart - she comes to church with me

Love this kid - I think our first hug

Sharing the gospel -  what its all about!

Service Project

Group prayer time

The ever famous "Anna Bomb"

Love this kid

Being silly

Group Photo - last park party

Week 10
Headed to the park

Down time before heading back out to park

Good times with face painting

Sweet moment

NO!  Not another photo bomb, Anna!  :-)

Ok, last one, I promise!

Hanging out on top of the world.

Are they too old for parcorp?

Such a sweet smile!  Love this lady

Aww, teddy bear love.

Nothing but smiles

Sweet angel who has my heart

Great group

Ok, more fun

Last day of park ministry

My sweet baby girls, how I love these kids so!
Fun times in the fireweed