Sunday, March 24, 2013

This past week has been wonderful.  I had the opportunity to go and spend several days with my Father in Florida.  We spent a lot of time together discussing the logistics of my upcoming move to Alaska.  Kody Bear, my dog, was able to spend some time in the house where he will be staying for 3 months till he is able to make it to Alaska - where we will unite.  From Florida, I drove up to Atlanta and stayed the night enjoying some great kid company with my beautiful niece and nephew.  I then brought my mother back home with me here in Birmingham so she can help me pack.

The time is flying by, with only a few more weeks (8 weeks and 5 days) left for me to fly out of the lower 48 and begin a new life and career in Alaska.  Praise be to God!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

74 Days!!!!!!

Only 74 more days till I bid farewell to the Lower 48!  I am sure if I wasn't so busy with school, I would have a lot more time to think about what is about to happen.  However, I know that God's plan is perfect and He has me focused on graduating school, so that is where my mind is for now.

Today I sent out letters to prospective Prayers Warriors, asking for committed partners in prayer with me as I prepare these last few weeks before leaving.  In addition, for these Prayer Warriors to continue to pray with me and for me and the ministry in which God is taking me for my time in Alaska.  My heart says a lifetime in Alaska, but I trust God's will and purpose, as it is His will I follow not mine.

So, this was a quick little note to let you know what is going on.  If you would like to commit to praying with me and would like to be added to my monthly updates with praises and prayer requests, I ask that you send me an email with Subject line: Alaskan Anna to email address:

May you continue on God's path, for He makes all things right!

In Christ,