Friday, March 16, 2012

Anchorage, AK

Hello my sweet friends.  I am extremely tired.  That all day flying will wear you out.  Forgive me for being behind schedule.  I have a few videos to upload and share with you, however, the internet is not as quick as I would like and there seems to be a delay in the uploading process.  I have continued to take videos and excited to share them with you.  
I am heading out tomorrow (Saturday March 17, 2012) and will be out of reach via internet.  I return late Wednesday night so will be busy on Thursday uploading as much as I can.  God is going to do amazing things.  Please my friends, pray.  Pray earnestly for the souls of these people.  I already see a spiritual battle that I am facing.  May God's name be known!!

Much love 


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