Monday, July 23, 2012

Be Fishers of Men!

Are people too comfortable in their own lives to want to see the truth?  Afraid that if they see the truth, the “boring” life begins?  Americans and other nationalities have gotten too comfortable in the idols they worship.  They worship anything from the Internet to the television and with new technology being birthed daily, who is to say that these idols will dwindle.  If anything, the more technology, the more idols there will be to worship.  The devil has his hands in the world and he is using his powers through the airwaves.  In such a way that pulls God’s people away from worshipping the true Creator – God the Father. 
What will it take to make a change?  More and more Christians need to begin heeding the call that Jesus has called upon us.  We are called to take up our cross and follow Him.  We are to have zeal for the glory of God, to love our brothers and help them out, and to spread the gospel to all people.  But that means leaving our comfortable recliner and our 55inch television.  That means not knowing whether or not we will have food to eat or A/C to keep us cool.  But, if we trust in the Lord, won’t all of our needs be supplied?  Yes they will!  We don’t NEED Internet and we don’t NEED television.  What we need is to see a Revival, a Christian revival where brothers and sisters in Christ get up and move.  Quit gawking over money and quit seeking higher rankings in jobs.  The fighting, the meaningless quibbles over this and that – we are falling into the trap of the Devil. Get up and fight.  Have the zeal, fall in love with your Creator and desire to share that love with everyone, near and far.  Don’t stop. 

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